Savannah’s Authentic Italian

Savannah’s restaurant scene is constantly growing and changing, but some of our favorite places to grab a good meal are the ones that are simple establishments hiding in plain sight. Frali Gourmet is located on Liberty, across from the Savannah Civic Center in a former auto parts store. This family-owned and operated restaurant and food shop offers fresh and dried homemade pastas, homemade sauces, infused olive oil and other authentic Italian pantry items. 

Try taking home fresh cut pasta with a jar of house-made sauce at Frali for an easy dinner during the busy holiday season. Frali Gourmet offers fresh, cut-to-order linguine, tagliatelle and pappardelle by the pound. The pasta and sauces at Frali Gourmet are prepared in an artisan way without preservatives or artificial fillers and are made with all natural ingredients. 

Frali Gourmet also offers homemade, flavored dry pasta. The dried pasta is naturally dried for 48 hours. This process allows the pasta to fully lock in flavor and yields rich flavors of pasta like Beet Gemelli, Tomato and Basil Pappardelle, and Chocolate Conchiglie. These pastas are available for purchase in the shop and can be bundled in as part of gift sets and baskets.

House-prepared and packed vegetables under oil are also for sale in the shop. These vegetables, which include bell peppers, eggplant, Giardiniera, and Baby Bella mushrooms, are jarred not packed in brine. Instead, the are jarred in high quality olive oil. These jarred vegetables make for great antipasti and salad toppers, and the oils can be used as a dressing to any salad. 

The cafe’ at Frali Gourmet is open for lunch and dinner, and the menu offers mouthwatering pasta dishes and sandwiches. Stop in for an Old World lunch with the Parma Melt sandwich, made with a prosciutto crudo that has been aged 18 months. 

Or, stop in for an authentic pasta dinner, served with homemade bread and house infused olive oil. Our favorite pasta dishes include the Veal-Stuffed Tortellini in butter and sage, and the Georgia shrimp ravioli with lobster cream sauce. If you happen to be unable to find a pasta specialty on the menu, you can create your own pasta dish by selecting pasta, sauce, and your protein. 

Visit Frali Gourmet for your holiday needs — you can buy some unique and delicious infused oils, pastas and sauces as gifts, grab a sandwich to fuel up for the rest of your shopping, and take some fresh pasta and sauce home for dinner. If only all holiday planning were this easy!